My first concert of 2013, and one i’d been looking forward to, as Paloma Faith played Ulster Hall last Sunday.

Her intro, was dramatic appearing solo on stage singing into her microphone, very choreographed, before the curtain pulled across to reveal her stage and backing band.

At this point, it looked like it was going to be a choreographed and staged show, it turned out to be anything but.

After starting off with a couple of slow ballads, the setlist took on a more uptempo run, showcasing her best songs such as Thirty Minute Love Affair, Picking Up The Pieces, and hits from her debut album (after asking the crowd if they liked her first album, she told them she would be playing them any way. People cheered anyway) such as Upside Down and Stone Cold Sober.

The biggest cheer, unsurprisingly, came for her cover of Never Tear Us Apart. It’s not her best song, but it’s her most famous.

There was minimal talking inbetween songs, and no encore. The reason given was to save her voice (she was suffering from a sore throat)

She has a reputation of being a bit, “Eccentric” and she certainly was, climbing on her piano, climbing on a stage prop, and even climbing off the stage to be closer to the audience.

The audience, loved it, and loved her.

Got an ok shooting position and some mixed results. Enjoy.

Photo Album


3 thoughts on “PALOMA FAITH – LIVE AT ULSTER HALL 20.1.2013

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