A quick Tube across West London, and time for my second game of the day, as Manchester United travelled to Craven Cottage.

I managed to get a ticket, advertised on sale on Twitter (the holder couldn’t go, so I met a friend of his and purchased for face value) as there, unsurprisingly, no General Sale tickets.

After that, I headed towards the ground. I had a wee browse around the club shop, which had some ‘interesting’ merchandise, such as a Mohammed Al Fayed USB stick, or a postcard of him face superimposed on a Chippendale.

I was in the Hammersmith End, to the left of your TV screen. In the first-half, I was way at the back, but managed to find a spare seat in the front couple of rows for the second-half.

Towards the end of the first-half, the lights went out. The first time ever this has happened at a football match I have been at. Thankfully, play was able to be restarted.

It was an entertaining game, which United won 1-0. United had the better chances, but you couldn’t have begrudged Fulham if they had got something from the game. A cliched “Classic United away win” if you will

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3 thoughts on “FULHAM 0-1 MANCHESTER UNITED 2.2.2013

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