A low-key build-up to this game with the North Belfast Derby getting all the build-up. When I arrived, the atmosphere was low key, the weather was low key. It was no surprise that the football was low key.

I even thought I had to check my ticket stub, to make sure it wasn’t a County Antrim Shield game.

What a load of utter dross on offer today. Glentoran presenting chances to Linfield and Linfield unable to take advantage of them due to poor decision making or just general poor play.

Linfield eventually went 1-0 up just before half-time. It was an awful goal. It seemed quite apt, keeping with the poor quality of the game.

If you scored it in the park, you wouldn’t even celebrate it.

For the last five minutes of the second-half, there was a brief glimmer, that it might have went to 2-0. If the first goal was scored earlier in the first-half, Linfield could easily have got that decisive lead.

The second-half, wasn’t much better, as Linfield seemed content to defend a 1-0 lead, even against ten men.

Considering that Linfield have only kept one clean sheet since November, that was going to only have one result.

Glentoran got a penalty with five minutes to go, scored it, and got a draw. Two points dropped. It’s as though we are determined to finish 4th and hope that two of Cliftonville, Coleraine and Crusaders meet in the Irish Cup Final.

A win today would have seen Glentoran totally out of the running for that.

As a side note, Glentoran had a change from their usual awful tannoy music by mixing Mr Brightside into Dakota into Sex On Fire at half-time. A pleasant reminder that i’ll bee seeing The Killers and Stereophonics in coming weeks.

It would be nice to put 3rd place to bed, in order to concentrate on the Setanta Cup, our only chance of silver this season.

The draw is on Monday, and i’m hoping for Drogheda away in the first leg. I’ve never been there and it’s not far to travel.

The scheduled date would be Monday 4th March. but Linfield have no game on Saturday 2nd March. With no League Of Ireland games that day, hopefully, our Quarter-Final will be brought forward to the Saturday.

And some positivity, Rangers haven’t agreed a date for their promised friendly at Ibrox, but have stated they want to get a date finalised by the end of the season.

Looking at both clubs schedules, the best date in my opinion is Monday 6th May.

Linfield’s season ends on Saturday 27th April, Rangers on Saturday 4th May, and as it’s a Bank Holiday, a 3pm kick-off could easily be accommodated

Hoping a date gets sorted soon so I can get arrangements sorted as i’d love to go. Never been to Ibrox, so it would be good to visit another new stadium.

Saturday 11th May has also been suggested, but that’s the date of the Setanta Cup Final. You never know, Linfield might be involved. As a bonus, they might even keep a clean sheet getting there.

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