Was at The Odyssey last night to see The Killers, a band i’d always wanted to see play live. For a variety of reasons, i’d never seen them play before.

I’ve been a fan of them since 2003, when I heard ‘All These Things I’ve Done’ on a goals montage on Soccer AM. My first reaction upon hearing their name, was “Oh! That’s the band from the New Order” referring to the video for Crystal by New Order, starring a band called The Killers.

It wasn’t actually The Killers. The Killers took their name from this fictional band.

Finally, the wait was over, they came on stage, and went straight into Mr Brightside. It had been a while since The Killers were last in Belfast, four years exactly to the day, pointed out by frontman Brandon Flowers.

Unsurprisingly, the set list was hit based. Album themes seem to switch back and forth, starting off with Dancey (Somebody Told Me, Mr Brightside), Rock (When We Were Young), back to Dancey (Human) then back to Rock (Runaways)

The early part of the show focused on the Dancey songs, before moving into a more Rock based direction.

Here’s a scary thought, the song Somebody Told Me, features the line “You had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend, that I had in February of last year”

Somebody Told Me was released in 2004. The “Girlfriend, that I had in February of last year” is referring to events almost exactly ten years ago.

Almost a decade since being released, it’s still a fantastic song.

I didn’t have that good a shooting position, but I made the most of what I had. Thankfully, frontman Brandon Flowers was running about all parts of the stage, everybody will have got a glimpse of him at some point. The lighting was fantastic and helped with shooting.

There was a brief acoustic moment, as they played a cover of Brown Eyed Girl. Unsurprisingly, a tribute album to Van Morrison went down very well in his native East Belfast.

They left the stage to a rapturous reception, as an expectant crowd awaited an encore. They got one.

The crowd were chanting the chorus to “All These Things I’ve Done”, they didn’t get what they wanted at first, with them playing Jenny Was A Friennd Of Mine, before giving the crowd what they wanted.

After four years away from Belfast, The Killers were worth the wait. Let’s hope it’s no four years before they return.

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