Was out in Sandy Row last week researching murals in the area, and came across one i’d never seen before.

It was one depicting workers in the shipyard building the Titanic. It featured a row of men, while behind them is the Samson and Goliath, and the newly opened Titanic Building.

It’s not far from the Sandy Row Hall Of Fame mural, which I blogged about last year.

Quick web research suggests that it was painted last August. My bad for noticing it until now, as I have hardly ventured to Sandy Row lately.

The launch of the Hall Of Fame mural got some good media coverage, here in the Belfast Telegraph, and here on UTV Live.

It is quite funny, six months on, to hear the reporter say that part of the mural is to encourage people not to leave the area, as a mural of Albert Watson, who recently emigrated to Canada comes into shot.

I went and got some further shots of the Wall Of Fame.

Meanwhile, I got some further shots of Graffiti/Street Art round the back of The Fly, and Catalyst Arts Centre.


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