Was at Waterfront Hall last night to see Stereophonics for the third time, having previously seen them at The Odyssey (2005) and Custom House Square (2010)

I love Stereophonics. To give you an idea of how long the’ve been going for, I got into them via The Chart Show, playing songs such as Traffic, Local Boy In The Photograph and A Thousand Trees from their first album, Word Gets Around.

Word Gets Around was released in 1997, the year Waterfront Hall opened. Last night, believe it or not, was the first time I attended a concert in Waterfront Hall.

They began with hits from their first two albums, including Bartender And The Thief (I bought a Live EP from HMV Forestside on my way home from school on the day it was released), before entering into Superman, one of their finest songs, Kelly Jones strutting in the limelight and revelling in the adoration of fans.

Two songs in, it looked like being a chronological greatest hits set. It wasn’t, though I doubt anyone would have complained if it was.

After a few hits, it was time for some songs from their new album, Graffiti On The Train, starting with lead single Indian Summer getting the biggest reaction, unsurprisingly.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to their new album, but on the basis of the songs played last night, it could be a grower.

A lot of the songs are a lot slower than Indian Summer (the classic fast paced Stereophonics song) but still enjoyable.

The choice of venue seemed strange to me, as I would have considered Stereophnics to be Odyssey-able.

I have a strange ranking system for a band’s popularity/commerical appeal by using Belfast concert venues.

Since you ask, in descending order :

Auntie Annie’s – Limelight – Mandela Hall – Ulster Hall – Waterfront Hall – The Odyssey

The reason that this concert was at Waterfront Hall turned out to be simple, One Direction had already booked The Odyssey.

Kelly Jones, however, announced that they would be back to Belfast later in the year, at The Odyssey (but didn’t actually state a date)

If you get the chance to go and see them there, take it.

Photo Album

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  1. great pictures! didn’t you find the sound a bit “bad” at times? I thought the atmosphere was great and better than at the Odyssey, which I tend to think of as a cattle market… By the way, Kell said November 2013 in Belfast at the Odyssey, that’s the plan, but some Waterfront Hall fans booed him as you probably noticed (that was funny). Did you see him on The Sun webcast the day before telling how he doesn’t really like to sing Have a nice day? He couldn’t keep a straight face while singing it. The new album is very atmospheric, the bonus CD on the deluxe package has some alternate versions, such as We share the same sun, acoustic, well worth a few extra quid. Like you I have bought all their stuff, but had only seen them at The Odyssey and Custom House. Though I saw Kelly on his solo tour in Dublin in 2007, in a very small club, it was brilliant (Vicar Street).

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