As I was going to Manchester at the weekend, I thought I was going to miss this one but thanks to Sky, I was able to attend. I wonder why I bothered.

When I checked the team news on Twitter, with Murphy and Douglas in ahead of Armstrong, there was an inevitability about what was going to happen.

Even though Linfield didn’t start off too bad (ie – having possession and doing very little with it) all it needed was for Crusaders to get an opportunity to attack Linfield’s weak spot, and when Jordan Owens was allowed to drift wide unmarked and get a shot in for 1-0, there was only one winner.

Declan Caddell made it 2-0, charging trough the aforementioned defence.

Linfield started the second-half like the first, possession and doing nothing with it, before Crusaders made it 3-0.

They could have made it 4, 5, or possibly 6. The same tactic every time, to attack at a weak defence and force a mistake out of them.

But Jeffrey won’t learn and stays loyal to players long past their sell by date.

It got to the point where supporters were saracastically cheering passes to a blue shirt. I couldn’t blame them, they were rare, as were crosses we looked like scoring from.

I’ve backed him in the past, but I see nothing of David Jeffrey to believe he can turn it around now. Certainly not if he ignores a problem position targeted by opponents, and stays loyal to players who are long since being good enough.

And to top it off, if Glentoran win their game in hand tomorrow night, they are only 2 points behind us in the race for 3rd.

That issue should have been put to bed a long time ago. It is a damming statement that we are fighting for 3rd, having thrown away commanding positions v Ballymena, Glentoran and Distillery.

If we finish 4th, we really don’t deserve to have Crusaders help us qualify for the UEFA Cup.

Usual phototaking arrangements at Seaview. Managed to get some arty shots. Pity I got none of Linfield attacking.

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2 thoughts on “CRUSADERS 3-0 LINFIELD 18.3.2013

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