From Windsor Park, it was over to The Oval for the other Semi-Final.

Unlike my double header in London, I knew where I was going. Plus, with two hours between games, there was no rush.

Unusually for The Oval, I was in the home end. A nice wee novelty, just to see how the other half live.

It was a nice day for football, despite the late kick-off.

I spent the first-half watching from the Sydenham End, or, the goal to the right of your TV screen if you’re not familiar with The Oval.

Like the game earlier in the day, the first-half didn’t really get going, with neither side really creating many goalscoring chances.

Conor Devlin was the busier keeper, but he was making saves he was expected to make, nothing really special.

Crusaders started the second-half better, Jordan Owens hitting the post and Paul Heatley missing a great opportunity.

Cliftonville started to get into the game more, and got a break with a penalty, which George McMullan scored.

It was now set up to see how Crusaders would react to this setback. Going 2-0 down straight away wasn’t in the plan.

Two quickfire goals. Just like on Tuesday. Just like in the League Cup Final. There’s a theme here.

At 2-0, it was game over. Crusaders still had possession, but didn’t look like they could believe they could get the goal that could kickstart a fightback.

With each passing minute, what little belief there was evaporated.

Mark Courtney had a shocker as referee. He let a few niggly tackles from both sides go, which escalated in the second-half with both sets of players threatening to lose their discipline and square up to each other at various points in the second-half.

With about 20 minutes to go, it seemed inevitable that one or both teams would get a red card.

However, it was still an enjoyable second-half to watch, even if it did fade out in the least ten minutes, unsurprisingly.

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2 thoughts on “CLIFTONVILLE 2-0 CRUSADERS 6.4.2013

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