Having done two games in day in London two months ago, I managed to do two games in a day, by attending both Irish Cup Semi-Finals as a neutral. (Ha!)

The first game I went to was the 12.30pm kick-off between Glentoran and Portadown at Windsor Park. I know that the lunchtime kick-off was inconvenient, but I felt the crowd was disappointing, considering what was at stake.

I was in the South Stand, allocated to Portadown fans. The Portadown fans were in a singing mood throughout the first-half, even though neither team gave their supporters much to sing about.

The second-half was much better, with Portadown starter much brighter and having more attacking intent, and brought Gary Twigg on off the bench.

The moment that changed the game came when Darren Murray was through on goal with only Elliott Morris to beat. He could have smashed it in, he could have went round the keeper, he could have lobbed it over the keeper.

He did neither. He dinked it over the keeper. It was going wide but a Glens defender headed it out for a corner. Portadown looked the most likely team to score. Logically, a Glentoran goal would soon follow.

If you can’t be good, be jammy. What they lack in ability, they make up for in jaminess.

After Murray missed his chance, there was no way Glentoran weren’t going to win.

Portadown looked to their subs bench for a winner, but the winning goalscorer was sat on Glentoran’s bench.

I must admit, when Marcus Kane came on for Stephen Carson, I thought it was a bit odd to bring on a more defensive player for their main attacking threat.

Unfortunately, I was too late in telling myself to shut up for fear of tempting fate.

When Marcus Kane scored from a header, that was the game over, despite there being more than ten minutes to player.

Portadown never looked like getting back into the game and forcing it into extra-time from that point on.

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