JAMES – LIVE AT SECC 13.4.2013

I love James, have done for 15 years. I bought their Best Of, with a bonus Live CD with money I got for my 16th birthday. I always wanted to see them live, which I thankfully did in 2010.

When their current tour was announced, with Echo and the Bunnymen in support, I desperately wanted to see this, much to my frustration, wasn’t coming to Belfast.

Being in Glasgow for the Linfield match, I decided to stay for a few days to catch this. It was worth it.

It was the first proper night of their tour, but they did a low key warm up gig in Stirling the night before. I was unable to get a ticket for that gig, so I had to make do with a Glasgow gig.

The band arrived on stage to a rapturous reception, starting to jam. Tim Booth, was nowhere to be seen. At my previous James concert in Sheffield, he entered through the balcony, mingling with the crowd.

Keeping an eye out for him, he eventually made his entrance, surprisingly, on the actual stage, before going straight into Tomorrow. He later revealed inbetween songs, that Health and Safety wouldn’t allow him to enter from the seated area to walk onto the stage.

One of the trademarks of a James concert is Tim Booth’s dancing. Dad Dancing, Rave Dancing, whatever you call it, the crowd loved it. The worse, and more frantic his dancing got, the more the crowd loved it.

One of the best songs, though not their best, certainly their most famous, Sit Down, brought the house down, ironically, nobody was sitting down, not even those in the seated areas.

The band then sprung a surprise, doing a stripped down version of She’s A Star before springing a surprise by having a choir perform the song alongside them.

The choir joined them for a few songs. They did try to sing, they spent most of their set trying not to laugh at Tim Booth’s dancing.

His singing thankfully, was a lot better than his dancing.

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