11 months after the season started in the Amsterdam Arena, Clandeboye Park was the venue for my final game of the season, the Championship 1 relegation battle between Bangor and Tobermore United.

It was a first for me ….. the first ever league match that wasn’t a top flight game.

Part of the reason for going to this game, was that it would give me a good excuse to bypass the Cup Final Of Doom at Windsor Park.

Bangor started the game in the one relegation position, one point behind three other clubs, one of whom was Tobermore United.

The maths was simple enough for Bangor. Win, and they’re safe. Lose, and they’re down. Draw, and they’re hoping Larne lose by three goals.

The pattern of the game was set early on. Bangor, on the attack, looking for a goal, with Tobermore looking to hit on the counter-attack. Tobermore had their best chance of the game that way, when they had a clean through that they should have scored, but Bangor’s keeper made the save.

Bangor were frustrated and kept at bay by Tobermore, as the first-half ended 0-0.

The second-half continued in a similar manner, with Bangor fans desperately appealing for everything with each passing minute, the songs and encouragement getting louder as the need grew greater.

For all their possession, Bangor looked unable to take advantage of it. It looked like being “one of those days”

Then, with less than ten minutes to go, Bangor got their breakthrough ….. and the relief was clear for all to see.

Tobermore, set up to frustrate and counter attack, now had to change their plans and take the game to Bangor.

Every free-kick and throw-in conceded was met with groans. The fear was clear for all to see. Bangor managed to hold out and avoid relegation, while Tobermore went down.

For me, the 2012-2013 season was now over.

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