As you’ve gathered by my last two blog posts, I was in Dublin last weekend. Usually, when I travel somewhere, I like to take in a game of football, and this was no different.

I had three choices : St Pat’s v Drogheda, Bohemians v UCD or Bray v Shelbourne.

I was leaning towards Bray mainly because I’d never been to their ground (I’d previously been to the other two grounds) and it would be a nice trip to the sea, with easy access back to Dublin.

A week before I headed off, Bray moved their match to the Sunday, which gave me two choices, before I went for the game at Richmond Park.

Getting there was easy enough as I’d been before and knew the bus route. There was one big difference to the ground from the last time I was there, an impressive mural stating “ONCE A SAINT, ALWAYS A SAINT” which had been painted since my last visit, in 2010.

One thing I loved about Richmond Park was the ease of access within the ground for home fans, as once you enter, you have a choice of two stands (one behind the goal) and terracing at the side of the pitch, depending on your mood and the weather.

Always good to have a choice on these things.

St Pat’s were expected to easily beat Drogheda, and had a lot of possession early on, with Drogheda struggling to get out of their half at times, thought it would be them who had the best chance of the first-half, a close range shot being well saved by St Pat’s keeper.

Some games you just know early on it will be 0-0. This, was one of them. No slight on either team, sometimes you just know.

The second-half began with more Pat’s pressure, before Drogheda came into had and had some pressure of their own.

Despite that, they managed to anger the home fans with their time wasting during stoppages. They weren’t even subtle about it. Anything to waste an extra minute.

Needing a goal, Pat’s piled on the pressure towards the end, but the final ball was either too short or too long, or too near the keeper. It was always too something.

It finished 0-0, the other match I could have went to finished 1-3. The match I wanted to go to finished 1-1.

You’ll never guess the score the last time I went to Richmond Park? Yep, 0-0.

They should probably apply for a Banning Order against me.

Photo Album

St Patrick’s Athletic v Sporting Fingal 2010 Photo Album

6 thoughts on “ST PATRICK’S ATHLETIC 0-0 DROGHEDA UNITED 2.8.2013

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