Was in Edinburgh last weekend, mostly for the festival, but while i’m there, I like to take in a match of whatever team is at home that weekend.

In 2011, I got two games at Tynecastle. Last year, I got two games at Easter Road. Logically, I was expecting a game at Tynecastle, but the SPL fixture computer sent me to Easter Road. However, it did give me a gift in the form of Dundee United.

You may remember me blogging a month ago about the UEFA 100 Club, well, Dundee United are a part of that and are now on my list at number 30. Ironically, I counted back, and it appears Celtic at Easter Road in 2009 was number 20.

There are more than two teams in Edinburgh though, and I was hoping this game would be a Sunday, so I could go and watch The Spartans on the Saturday. Maybe next year.

By now, I know the route to the stadium and arrive just after 2pm and got a ticket no problem, had a wee look in the programme shop on Albion Road, then headed into the ground.

Both teams went into the game without a win or a goal between them (Dundee United did, though, have a point) and it was clear to see why, as both teams laboured without looking like scoring.

Dundee United then got on top, but were still wasteful. Eventually they scored, a very simple goal. Long ball over the top, one touch control and slotted past the Hibs keeper.

Despite United’s wastefulness in attacking positions, there was still an inevitability about the goal. United stayed on top for the rest of the first-half but didn’t get a second goal, which would come back to haunt them.

Hibs fans were restless and not liking what they saw, booing at half-time. They even groaned at the choice of sponsor’s man of the match.

Hibs came out for the second-half and started brightly, but still didn’t look like scoring.

The incident that changed the game came from a double red card as Kevin Thompson of Hibs clashed with Dundee United’s Gavin Gunning.

It was at the end where I was sat, but I was following the ball, but I did see them square up to each other. The referee obviously saw more than me, and what he saw was deemed worthy of a double red card.

Suddenly, all the Hibs support became unified in what they saw as an injustice for their played. Hibs piled on the pressure and got the reward when Scott Robertson fired in a long range shot.

Hibs then believed they were going to win, but had to settle for a draw, and will hope that Robertson’s goal can give them momentum for the rest of the season.

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