Was out on my bike, not searching for Street Art, but managed to stumble upon some …….. and one work in progress.

Stumbled upon a piece in the Cathedral Quarter in the alleyway that leads into Black Box. It is being sponsored by Belfast City Council, and a quick websearch shows it is for a play being performed on Belfast Culture Night.

I’m going to Belfast Culture Night, so hope to get some photos of that night, and the mural when it is finished.

From there, I headed to a car park in Smithfield showing an image of a butcher at work.

Next on my wee tour, was a wee alley off Donegall Street, which has a wall which usually has Street Art on it. There was some new pieces on it, referencing the lyrics to “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash.

Then, I headed to the alleyway around the back of Lavery’s which I had previously been to in June, but had some new pieces on it, as did the area around the back of The Globe.

My final visit, was to the entrance of Lagan towpath.


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