As you will have gathered by my last post, I was in Manchester over the weekend

With the United match having an early kick-off, I made the most of the opportunity to spend the rest of the afternoon in the city.

Manchester is one of my favourite cities, and it’s a massive regret that in 20 years of going to matches at Old Trafford, it was well over a decade before I explored the city before or after (depending on the kick-off time) the game.

Went to the National Football Museum for the 3rd time, my 2nd at it’s current Manchester base (my 1st visit was at it’s original Preston home in 2006)

It’s well worth a visit if you love football, covering all aspects of the game, on the pitch, off the pitch, to merchandising and media coverage.

I then headed around the City Centre and looked around shops before taking in a performance by a band called The Piccadilly Rats, two of whom wore rat masks, another one in a monkey mask, while an elderly gentleman in a tracksuit did hip-hop dancing

It was a nice day for photography, so managed to get some nice shots.

I made the most of my time in Manchester on Saturday, it was just a pity I didn’t have any more.

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