For the first time in four weeks, and only the second time since July, I was at Windsor Park to see Linfield play.

The last time I saw Linfield play at Windsor Park, they kicked-off bottom of the league. If results went their way, Linfield could have finished today joint top of the league.

No point worrying about others, just look after ourselves.

The first-half wasn’t up to much, Linfield having more of the possession but not really doing much with it.

The second-half, wasn’t much better. Two main observations were that Andrew Waterworth is quite good at winning free-kicks. Unfortunately, the free-kicks when crossed weren’t very good, though Niall Quinn forced Wayne Drummond into two good saves from shooting free-kicks.

The other observation was poor decision being made in the final third. Passes that should be made not being made. A simple short pass was so often the difference between a move being kept alive, and a move dying.

Throughout the second-half, Coleraine’s keeper Wayne Drummond continued to make a mug of the referee with his constant time wasting. He wasn’t even being subtle about it, and yet the ref did nothing about it. The 4th official wasn’t much better, as only 3 minutes of stoppage time being added at the end, was a total pisstake.

Two things he did get right, were the red cards for Beverland and Douglas, both second yellow cards. Beverland was actually lucky not the get a second yellow soon after his first, as he kicked the ball away. Luckily for him, the referee didn’t see it as he was talking to another player.

Interestingly, this was the 4th game this season where there have been more than one red card.

Linfield huffed and puffed and had situations but very few chances. Thankfully, Peter Thompson scored from close ranger seconds into stoppage time.

Linfield weren’t fluent but were the better team without being dominant. Coleraine deserved to lose purely for their negativity.

Much improvement needed going forward is needed, but we got the win, and can build on it. We never got a winning run last season, nor were we within touching distance of the top. We’ve won five in a row and are one point off the top.

Next week’s game is the biggest of the season. The highest placed team we’ve beat this season is Coleraine in 7th. A win next week away to Glenavon can remove any flat track bully accusations and propel us into the top two for the first time this season.

Looking forward to the trips to Mourneview and The Oval in the next ten days.

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