A strange day today for a variety of reasons at Windsor Park, but ended with Linfield doing what they’ve been doing since the end of August, winning.

Irish League doesn’t stop for International Weekends, but it still feels strange, especially as Linfield aren’t usually at home on these weekends.

Thanks to the M1 being closed off, kick-off was delayed from 3pm to 3.45pm. Luckily, I found out before I left the house, so delayed my departure.

Still felt strange to be heading towards Windsor Park just after 3pm rather than being in my seat. Thanks to modern technology informing people, I didn’t get the chance to laugh at someone rushing to the ground, thinking they’d missed the kick-off.

Of the game itself, well, i’ve seen better games.

In the first-half, Linfield had lots of possession and didn’t do much with it. When they got into Dungannon’s final third, it would often be the final pass that let them down. Yes, a recurring theme of recent games.

Dungannon only had the one real chance, a shot blasted over from the edge of the box, though they did have a free-kick saved by Tuffet, though it was a save he would be expected to make.

Eventually, Linfield got the goal just before half-time when Andrew Waterworth fired home after an earlier shot from Andrew Waterworth.

Linfield started the second-half well and had a goal disallowed before Waterworth struck again. That goal killed the game, and made it a training exercise from then on in.

Didn’t play well, but didn’t need to. Will need to play well in the coming weeks though.

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4 thoughts on “LINFIELD 2-0 DUNGANNON SWIFTS 12.10.2013

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