THE FRIDAY FIVE – 6.12.2013

1. Pharrell Williams – Happy
2. The 1975 – Girls
3. Moby ft Wayne Coyne – The Perfect Life
4. Miles Kane – Give Up
5. Jessie J – Thunder

So, last week’s theme on X-Factor was ‘Musical Heroes’, giving us an insight into the awful taste in music of this year’s finalists. Mind you, at least they were honest about it. I’m still attending physiotherapy after putting my foot through the TV when Janet Devlin said that all her heroes were obscure.

So, as a tribute, here’s some Hero related songs.


1. Stereophonics – Superman
2. Prince – Batdance
3. Aerosmith – Spiderman Theme
4. It Bites – Calling All The Heroes
5. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero

One thought on “THE FRIDAY FIVE – 6.12.2013

  1. She actually said “For me to find a hero that is well known is hard as most of the songs I like are quite obscure.” Definitely a “most” in there and a sentence which indicates picking a RHCP song because it is well known. I would have waited to put my foot through the tv as I watched the constant terrible camera angles they gave her or the constant dodgy VTs where she miraculously turned herself black and white or somehow managed to stretch the pixels on her own face. Or maybe even the nasty underhand sniping by the judges.
    Louis even said “Ireland have already picked up the phones and voted for you.” ie. A) The Irish are backing you so no one else should vote because you have unfair support B) If you’re Irish, you’ve already voted (even though the phone lines haven’t opened) and Janet’s safe anyway.
    They just played the same con with Nick McDonald, with a bonus of Nick saying in his VT that he wasn’t ready to go back to Scotland as he was enjoying his time in England. That’s going to annoy his Scottish voters and Louis’ “You’re Scottish” comments will alienate his other voters. Read any forum and all the comments are how unfair it is that Nick will get through. They’ve also changed the voting to a semi-final bottom to, just to make sure.

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