THE FRIDAY FIVE – 13.12.2013

1. Pharrell Williams – Happy
2. Kaiser Chiefs – Misery Company
3. The 1975 – Chocolate
4. Chloe Howl – Paper Heart
5. Leona Lewis – One More Sleep

So, X-Factor is almost over this year. How will we cope? Just about, i’ll guess. Last week, was Elton John v Beyonce, that well known musical rivalry.

This week, I was browsing through the music channels and thought I heard a new Elton John song I loved. Turned out to be ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyonce. Grr, i’m always getting them two mixed up.


1. Love On Top
2. Deja Vu
3. Beautiful Liar (with Shakira)
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Crazy In Love


1. I’m Still Standing
2. Made In England
3. Kiss The Bride
4. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
5. The Circle Of Life


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