Hello, and welcome to The Twitter List 2014. The concept is simple – a list of people I enjoy following on Twitter, aimed for a Northern Ireland audience.

The first Twitter List, in 2012, was inspired by The Independent’s “Twitter 100”, which I enjoyed, but there wasn’t anything really for a Northern Ireland audience.

So, I decided to do one for myself.

Although, it isn’t an exclusively Northern Ireland list.

Unlike other Twitter lists, I won’t be putting people in rank order, because it’s mean, and there’ll be more than 100 people on the list, because life is no fun with limits.

Anyway, here’s the people I enjoy following on Twitter.


Northern Ireland’s PR/Advertising/Marketing community (apologies for lumping you all together) is well represented on Twitter, often to be found tweeting news and updates on behalf of their clients. The best ones to follow are :

@peoplepowerni @rumourmill_pr @pulseprni @oureventsni @jagocomms @rnncomms @avbbrand @joannemcneill1 @piercecomms @cipr_ni @ardmoreadv @informcomms @mammothbelfast @massivepr @chrislove1 @carltonbaxter @wearebluecube @lighthouseni @mcenewsfeed @morrowcomms @freshwaterniroi @asitisconsult @lkcomms @avbgroup @aikenpr @duffyrafferty @smartscomm @jprnewswire @levymccallum @cathy_martin @asg_pr

And a person, worth following @sineaddoyle

Meanwhile, for industry news, @prweekuknews is worth a follow.


What’s the point of being on Twitter if you can’t have fun?

There are some great accounts on Twitter whose sole purpose is to make us laugh. Let’s pay tribute to them.

@jimllpaintit is a guy called Jim who paints whatever you want, on MS Paint. You ask for it, he’ll paint it. The more random and disturbing, the better.

@bestofthemail is a round-up of the best comments on the Daily Mail website. Lots of angry, angry people.

@simpsonsqotd is a celebration of The Simpsons, with a classic quote (and accompanying screenshot) each day, which never fails to raise a laugh.

@accidentalp is a celebration of the moments when a celebrity posts something that sounds like an Alan Partridge quote, hashtagged with #accidentalpartridge

Since @sleepycommuters joined Twitter, i’ll never sleep on Public Transport again, for fear of being featured on it.

@postitplayers if you enjoy portraits of footballers on post-it notes.


We all (well, most of us) love football, and we all (well, most of us) love tweeting about it.

As Twitter has grown, so has football’s presence, as more players, clubs and journalists jump on board.

So here, are the football accounts I enjoy following :

For nostalgia, photos, and scans from old magazines @antiquefootball @theskystrikers @scotsfootycards @footballattic

Official competition accounts worth following include : @fifaworldcup @europaleague @championsleague @premierleague @football_league @uefacom

Photographers worth following include @stuart_photoafc (Arsenal) and @tomjenkinspix (The Guardian)

When he’s not reading bad jokes from an autocue, @garylineker is worth a follow. Alongside him, @bbcmotd is worth following when watching Match Of The Day. Other former players now working in the media worth a follow are @janaagefjortoft @gnev2

2014 is going to be a big year for @gibraltarfa as they look forward to the Euro 2016 draw, where they will discover who they face in their first competitive internationals.

For Manchester United news and opinion @manutdmen and @doronsalomon are worth following

News outlets worth following are @indyfootball and @teamtalk

For stats, you should follow @optajoe

Journalist I enjoy following are @alanbiggs1 (Daily Mail and BBC, Yorkshire based) @marcwebber (reports for Final Score, and covers the off-field business side of the game for @fcbusiness) @ivangaskell1 (BBC) @brynlaw (Sky, Yorkshire based but also covers Wales national team) @patmurphybbc (BBC’s Midlands reporter) @chrisskudder (Sky News main Sports reporter) @tim_vickery (South American based journalist, worth a follow in this World Cup year) @timcaple (Eurosport) @robbopalmer (Sky) @andymitten (Mostly, but not exclusively, Manchester United) @james_dart (for his random Youtube links) @janineself (Midlands base freelancer) @willdowningcomm (Setanta) @dtguardian (Guardian, based in North-West of England) @blogdroed (Welsh football)

If you’re visiting London and want to see a game, @ldnfootyguide is worth a follow.

If you love GIFs and Man United, you should follow @beautifullyred

Football isn’t immune from parody accounts. There are very few worth following, unsurprisingly. @howalanseesit is very funny, a running commentary of Alan Shearer’s amazing ability to state the bleeding obvious. You’d think they were parodies, but @mufc_facebook (a selection of the, um, best comments on Manchester United’s Facebook page) and @rawk_meltdown (A selection of comments on a Liverpool supporters messageboard)

For an insight into what a football club PR does, you should follow @efc_helenmayo (Everton) and @_Andywalker_ (Birmingham City)

For randomness and miscellany, @mirkobolesan and @seidodge worth following.

If you enjoy football themed Photoshops, you should get following @beardedgenius

Scourge of journalists and not for the easily offended, @redissue is worth a follow.


Irish League football is increasingly represented on Twitter. Journalists worth following include : @mclarkeshow @taggartjoel @liam_beckett @garethfullerton @markjmcintosh @nialfoster @keithjbailie @egrantcameron @ourlogie @ericwhite80

A website that launched in 2013 is @nifootballdaily which, as the name suggests, is a daily news site, featuring match reports, and occasional blogs from contributors.

A podcast worth following is @thesocialclubni

Competition and organisational accounts worth following are @officialnifl and @officialirishfa

@darrangilpin does photography for Bangor and is worth a follow

@linfield_fc is a fan run Linfield news account, which predates the official account, and now runs alongside it to give Linfield supporters two differing news feeds on Twitter.

Official top flight clubs : @officialblues @portadownfc @cliftonvillefc @crusadersfc @glentoran @thepointfc @ardsfc1900 @ballymenaunited @ballinamallard @colerainefc @Glenavon_fc @dgnswifts


@kscott_94 is a Belfast based photographer, and is worth following. Another photographer worth following is @carriedavenport

@extramuralactivity is a look at murals and plaques in Belfast. Basically, anything on a wall.

Government based newsfeeds to follow include @niopressoffice @niassembly and @niexecutive @nidirect

For Library news @librariesni

Other public newsfeeds worth following include : @metofficeni @nitouristboard

An account worth following for news and events in Belfast @love_belfast

To be in a BBC audience : @bbcaudiencetix

Police news account worth following include : @psnibelfast @psnitraffic @policeserviceni

If you want to know what Belfast folk are tweeting about : @trendsbelfast

For music and gig news, you should follow @alcoholirony @the_thin_air @puresavagemusic @chordblossom @mcd_Productions @odysseyarena @grandoperahouse @acrosstheline

Events in Belfast with Twitter accounts worth following are : @culturenightbel @tennentsvital @belsonicbelfast @cqaf @belfastfestival

The biggest event in Belfast this year is Giro D’Italia (Looking forward to going to this) and it’s official Twitter account for the Belfast (and Armagh) event is @girostart2014


BBC and UTV will have their own section. Below is a list of other Northern Ireland journalists/writers worth following :

@stu_bailie @claire_mccollum @R_mulligan1 @alexkane221b @darwintempleton @nevinfarrell (mainly for Court Case Corner) @bigivanlittle @saragirvan @newslettersport @maureencoleman1 @mrsghenderson @citybeatsara @rblackbt @kimkellykk @rudedoodle @unrealitytv @skyvichawthorne

Publications worth following include : @nitravelnews @thesundaylife @gomagazine @news_letter @beltel @irish_news


BBC NI accounts and journalists worth following include : @collettasmith @taramillstv @mlchealth @bbcnitravel @bbcsportni @bbconeni @bbcnewsline @jolong03 (recently back after a spell at Radio 2, where she spent most of her time telling the mailroom to spot sending her Janice Long’s fanmail) @markdevenport @newslineweather @micjfitz @lylejacko @bbcni @fermanaghjulian


UTV accounts and journalists worth following include : @utvsport @utvonair @utvlivetonight @judith_utv @markmcfadden (beware : he does bad jokes as well as news) @jamie_utv @kenreid_utv @aideen_utv @pamballantine @sarahclarke_utv @colmcal_utv @ruthgorman_utv @alifleming_utv @marcmallett_utv @utvnews @hagan_utv @paulclark_utv @paul_utv @utv


There are plenty of Northern Ireland journalists working outside Northern Ireland on Twitter. Ones worth following are : @holtchris @colinmurray @sabrinasweeney @sarahrainey4 @billneelyitv @paul_gilmour @claireglancy @skyorla @ianwoodssky @jenofcroths @noseforthenews6 @kellyallen01 @eamonnholmes @zoe_salmon


Other journalists worth following include : @simoncalder (Travel journalist, often found on Breakfast TV) @suttonnick (BBC journalist who posts front and back pages of the following day’s newspapers) @alstewitn @afneil @hwallop (consumer journalist)

Music journalists worth following are @prodnose @simon_price01 @davidhepworth @popjustice @rockingbob (well, he started off as a music journalist)

News outlets worth following include : @insideireland @metrouk (wish we had Metro in Northern Ireland) @itvnews @theipaper @guideguardian @telegraphsport @skynewsbreak @channel4news @bbcquestiontime (tweeting during Question Time)


The world of TV is well represented on Twitter, with plenty tweeting about it’s curiousities, oddities and brilliance, in the past, present and future. Those worth following include : @radiotimes @putthetellyon @nornironknight @transdiffusion @tvlive @brokentv


We all need one unfortunately. Northern Ireland based accounts worth following include : @qubjobs @corvus_jobs @brightwaterni @kennedyrec @coolfmjobs @rehutchinson @nijobfinder @diamondjobs @graftonrec @recruitni @abacusjobs @lynnrecruitment @nijobscom

Also worth following for career advice is @guardiancareers

The Twitter List 2013

The Twitter List 2012

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