Was in London last week, and while I was there, managed to get some Street Art photos.

I was in London last year, but didn’t get many Street Art photos. This year, I made an effort to do the Shoreditch Street Art Tour, but I was thwarted by The Tube running late.

On my first day in London, I headed to Brixton to try and get a concert ticket, but stumbled upon some excellent pieces.

On the Thursday night, I travelled via Shoreditch from Stratford to Paddington on the bus (Paddington Train Station was out of bounds due to the Tube Strike), which turned out to be a stroke of luck.

I was trying to get en route to Shoreditch for the tour, before the Tube delays, so it was too late to turn back.

Upon arrival, I had a brief idea of where the Street Art was in Shoreditch was. So, I did my own tour.

On the Saturday morning, I went to Camden, not in search of Street Art, but I saw some, so I photographed it.

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2


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