Having been to Brisbane Road the previous day, I took advantage of there being a game on the Sunday of my visit, at White Hart Lane.

With Everton the visitors, the game gave me a chance to add them to my UEFA 100 Club list as Number 31.

Being there as a neutral, I didn’t want to take sides and hoped it would end in a thrilling draw. The fact that this would have helped United is purely coincidental. Though, United probably should have helped themselves against Fulham later that day.

Managed to get a returned ticket two days earlier but had to pick it up from the ticket office on the day of the match. Getting to the ground, was an adventure, getting off at Seven Sisters Tube Station and having a long walk. Luckily, I didn’t get lost by following the crowd.

Curiously, there are three club shops at White Hart Lane.

Got into the ground in plenty of time. If you’ve seen a match at White Hart Lane on TV, I was sat at the bottom left of the TV screen. The downside is, you couldn’t see the ball when it was at the other end of the picth.

For most of the first-half, that’s were Tottenham were playing, trying to get Aaron Lennon into the game as much as possible.

Everton were the better team in the first-half but not dominant. For all their possession, they didn’t have many chances. You could tell how much they were missing Lukaku.

Every misplaced Spurs pass was met with groans, as they got restless.

In the second-half, Spurs went 1-0 up when a quick free-kick put Adebayor through. In his current form, there was only one result.

From there, Everton never looked like getting back into the game. The second-half mirrored the first for Everton, for all their build-up play, no end result.

Steven Naismith tried a dummy and ended up beating himself, the ball going out for a throw, much to the pleasure of the home support. This began a period of running battles between Naismith and Tottenham’s support, with Naisith determined to get the ball and make something happen, and Tottenham fans quick to taunt him when it didn’t.

Much to the annoyance of Spurs fans, Naismith was subbed soon afterwards for Aiden McGeady. In McGeady, Spurs fans had a new victim, chanting “You’re just a shit Steven Naismith” at any opportunity.

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