“HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU? IT’S BEEN A WHILE!!!” screamed a breathless Miles Kane, three songs in. It was his first chance to say something inbetween songs, such was the frantic pace of the concert.

Miles Kane is one of those acts you’ve heard but not know you have. If you haven’t, you probably should.

Strutting on the stage and going straight into his solo hit “Inhaler”, Kane couldn’t resist the opportunity to dance around while singing, and try to get as close to the crowd as possible, creating surges at the front from fans desperate to high five their hero as he stood at the edge of the stage.

Kane was at home on the stage, playing hits such as “Come Closer” and “Better Than That”

He even managed to make one fan’s night by giving them his beer.

Highlight of the night was his rendition of “Give Up”, which he merged into a cover of “Sympathy For The Devil”

One of the great qualities of Kane’s songs is their singability, with Kane regularly indulging in Karaoke (or possibly Kane-aoke) with the crowd, pointing the microphone in their direction and inviting them to sing along, most notably during “Give Up”

The encore began with and acoustic set on his own, but technical problems meant it became an electric set, on his own.

He was then joined by the rest of the band to perform “Don’t Forget Who You Are”

Belfast won’t be forgetting who Miles Kane is.

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