THE FRIDAY FIVE – 30.5.2014

1. Kasabian – Eez-Eh
2. The Horrors – So Now You Now
3. Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel
4. Sia – Chandelier
5. Kylie Minogue – Crystalize

Meanwhile, announced this week, Erasure are coming to the Ulster Hall in November. That’s (just over) five long months away. So, to fill the time, here’s an Erasure Top Five (And yes, i’ll be trying to get a ticket for this)


1. Always
2. I Love To Hate You
3. Stop!
4. Sometimes
5. A Little Respect

Oh, and finally, a heads up – i’ll be jumping on the World Cup Bandwagon next Friday with a special edition of The Friday Five based on acts from the competing countries.


Another week, another Sugababe birthday. Heidi Range this time.

The lack of Bob Dylan in the TOTP studio caused a mild panic for this week’s birthdays round-up, but luckily, Manfred Mann came to the rescue.

And from Bob Dylan, we go to another end of the musical scale. The band who gave a shot in the arm to the red codpiece industry.

And of course, this brilliant cover.

And no, i’m not posting Mel B’s version. Or Mel G, as she was then known. Or Little Mix (Mainly, because they haven’t done a TOTP performance for their version)

Meanwhile, Paul Weller, turned 56 this week. He’s made a few appearances on the show. I should do a whole blog dedicated to the Style Council.

SPOILER ALERT : You may see a video of Paul Weller pretending to be Bono later in the year.

Meanwhile, it was Stevie Nicks birthday this week. Here she is performing “Room’s On Fire”, which probably explains why the stage is covered in smoke.

Meanwhile, that’s not her only big solo hit. “Edge Of Seventeen” is probably best known for being sampled for “Bootylicilous”, and if you look closely at the start of the promo video of the song, she makes a cameo appearance.

Forever Young (see what I did there?) Marion Gold of Alphaville hits the Big 60 this week. Here he is performing “Big In Japan”.

Can’t say i’m a fan of Lenny Kravitz, but this is a brilliant song.

Best known for her success with The Banshees, Siouxsie Sioux’s side project, The Creatures did this sadly forgotten pop classic.

It’s a busy week, so let’s get cracking. Neil Finn, Split Endz/Crowded House, 1958.

(WARNING : First video contains Jimmy Savile)

However, don’t dream it’s over, there’s still more to come.

Prince Buster turned 76 this week, and he was immortalised in song by Madness for their first single, and appearance on TOTP. Obviously.

John Fogarty of Creedence Clearwater Revival nudged closer to 70 this week. His most famous song, is possibly a cover.

I have no idea why it is being performed on TOTP 11 years after it was a hit, though the credits across the screen suggest it was for a 25th anniversary of TOTP show.

(WARNING : Clip contains Jimmy Savile)

Charlene Robinson turned 46 this week? Who? You know, she worked in a garage and married Scott Robinson.

You got a bit of Quo, now for some mo, as Francis Rossi is now Bus Pass age, which is ironic, as he’s spent half his life on a tour bus (The other half in the TOTP studio)

And finally, Noel Gallagher, closer to 50 than 40. Amazing to think. (47, since you ask)

And the great man himself on Oasis while inteviewed on TOTP


We begin this week, with a man who sings about places, Jonathan Richman, who sang about New England, then followed it up with a bit of Egyptian Reggae. (Albeit, performed by Legs and Co here)

On the birthday trail this week is Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17.

And now, for a bit of RAWWWKKK!!!

This week’s sad anniversary, is two years since the death of Donna Summer.

And now, it’s all about the one name female singers (But not Madonna or Beyonce) for a bit ……

Toyah, the voice of The Teletubbies



Well, after that trio, I guess you could say …… the only way is up (Boom Boom!!)

It’s the big 70 this week for Pete Townsend.

Another birthday this week is Jenny from Ace Of Base. I once convinced a friend to be a sperm donor for her, passionately pleading that all that she wanted, was another baby. (Don’t wory, the next Ace Of Base video won’t have a bad pun)

Sean Conlon, of the band known in Germany as Funf, is Drei und Dreizehn this week.

Back to the sad anniversaries, two years now since Robin Gibb died.

And a year since Ray Manzarek died. The lack of Doors TOTP performances has left me with no option but to post this.

Another week, another Sugababe birthday. Mutya Buena, since you ask.

And finally, Jerry Dammers of The Specials nudges just one year off the big 60.


So, another football season is over, time to look back. It’s taken in four countries and various stadiums, teams and levels. There was a lot of pictures, so here are my favourites. Feel free to vote for yours :


Taken just after the final whistle of Linfield’s match with Fuglafjordur as fans applauded, the composition and framing just works for me which is why I love the photo.


Taken before Linfield’s match with Skoda Xanthi, again, the composition and the light works for me, as supporters walk to The Kop, ready for the 90 (well, in this match, it was 120) minutes that await.


Like the other two, it’s all about the composition, as David Jeffrey observes the action during a pre-season match against Derriaghy CC


Taken during my trip to Dublin, I took in a St Patrick’s Athletic game. The colours just make this photo for me, as is the fact you came see a rainbow over the stadium.


Taken during the Northern Ireland v Portugal match, the two cameras, focused on the action in sync does it for me, alongside the composition of the players, so small in comparison with their surroundings.


I’m a sucker for arty pics of football stadiums. I took this during a trip to London, when I took in a match at Leyton Orient.


Linfield fans looking on, under the floodlights, as their side has a free-kick against Glentoran at The Oval.


Manchester United fans looking on as Wayne Rooney prepares to take a free-kick against Olympiacos.


Linfield fans looking one at a match at Seaview. Seaview is always good for photos.


Arty one, take of seats in the South Stand at Linfield’s last game at Windsor Park before redevelopment, which the South Stand will be one of the main areas getting redeveloped.


Taken on the last day of the league season, love the composition, especially of the two players, one with the ball, and one trying to win the ball back,


Due to an early Irish Cup exit, my first match in April didn’t come until the 12th of the month, as Linfield headed to Seaview for a must-win game, and ground out a 3-2 win.

Got some nice photos, as per usual at Seaview due to the closeness of the pitch, helped by a sunny day as well.

The following weekend, I was at Windsor Park to see Linfield’s title hopes take a critical blow with a draw against Portadown.

Three days later, I was there to see Linfield’s title hopes take a fatal blow against Glentoran.

That game, was the last Linfield game where the South Stand, as we know it will be used. Sat there in the 2nd half as Linfield were attacking the Railway End, I managed to get some final shots of the stand for posterity.

As the seasons ends, so does eras. The following Saturday, it was Lurgan for me to see Linfield’s last match with David Jeffrey as manager.

It was typical end of season stuff, with Linfield running out easy 5-2 winners.

The following weekend, came my final match of the season, the Irish Cup Final. Unfortunately, Linfield weren’t involved, but I got a ticket in Lurgan the week before for the Glenavon end.

Glenavon won the game 2-1, to lift the cup for the first time since 1997. A week short of 10 months since my first game, my 2013-2014 season was over.

Crusaders v Linfield

Linfield v Portadown

Linfield v Glentoran

Glenavon v Linfield

Ballymena United v Glenavon

Ballymena United v Glenavon Photo Album

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 16.5.2014

First of all, an apology, for there being no Friday Five last week. I was too busy attending Giro D’Italia, I didn’t get time to do a Friday Five.

Worst of all, there was supposed to be a Eurovision Top Five. Too late now to do one, you’ll have to wait until next year (To make up for it, there’ll be a World Cup one next month)

1. Pollaponk – No Prejudice
2. Damon Albarn – Heavy Seas Of Love
3. Alicia Keys ft Kendrick Lamar – It’s On Again
4. You Me At Six – Cold Night
5. Queen – Bicycle Races


Welcome to this week’s look through the Pop Tardis, beginning with a Happy Birthday to the lead singer of Fast Fashion. However, if you’re not a French speaker, it’s Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. You just can’t get enough of him.

Sharing a birthday is Hull’s finest export, even though, whisper it, he’s a Scouser by birth.

Another Paul born this week is Paul McGuigan, best known as Guigsy from Oasis. Yes, there are members of Oasis not called Gallagher. Bassist on the first three albums since you ask.

And another (Greater) Manchester popstar celebrating this week, Graham Gouldman, with the greatest Reggae song from a bunch of guys from Stockport ever.

DISCLAIMER : If you are ever robbed at gunpoint, it’s not advisable to try and start small talk about Cricket.

Also blowing out candles, possibly from a 30 foot Lemon Cake, is Bono.

Now, a Steve Winwood double of sorts. Here he is being covered …….

…… and sampled.

Talking of 80s rockers and Dance music, this is the only David Byrne TOTP appearance on Youtube.

Ian Astbury of The Cult is 52 this week. No surprises what video will accompany that fact.

Natalie Appleton from All Saints celebrates a birthday this week. Does anyone remember the All Saints spin-off Appleton?

And finally, Olly Murs hits the big 30. If TOTP was still on, he’d be on it every week, either performing or presenting. Just think about that.


March for me began in Ballymena, for the (much delayed) County Antrim Shield Final between Linfield and Crusaders. Bit of a novelty this one, being in the home end, where they had a plaque to proudly show off that their toilets have a Gold Award. I didn’t get any photos of that, you’ll be glad to hear.

I got some match photos. Would have been nice to get some trophy photos, but unfortunately the usual problem of idiots invading the pitch and ruining it for everyone else put paid to that.

A few days later, back on the road again, Portadown bound, to see Linfield secure a 2-1 win. And yes, I was in the ground in time to see Andrew Waterworth score after 18 seconds.

The following Saturday, I was back at Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Dungannon.

The following midweek, more travelling, to Old Trafford to see United take on Olympiacos, turning around a 0-2 defecit to go through 3-0 on aggregate.

More travelling the following weekend, to Coleraine, for a 0-0 draw. Got some good photos though.

I finished the month with the top of the table clash between Linfield and Cliftonville. The less said of that, the better.

Crusaders v Linfield

Crusaders v Linfield Photo Album

Portadown v Linfield

Linfield v Dungannon Swifts

Manchester United v Olympiacos

Manchester United v Olympiacos Photo Album

Coleraine v Linfield

Linfield v Cliftonville


February began for me at Solitude to see Linfield take on Cliftonville. Linfield didn’t capitulate as usual, but still managed to lose, as usual.

Usual arrangements for taking photos at Solitude

The following weekend, I was on my travels, to London, for a short break. Unsurprisingly, football watching was amongst my plans.

I had plenty of games to choose from on the Saturday, but I plumped for Leyton Orient v Peterborough United, as it was a top of the table clash in League One.

Brisbane Road is a nice stadium, but where I was wasn’t good for photos. The game itself finished 2-1 to Peterborough with two late goals.

The next day, I managed to get a ticket for Spurs v Everton at White Hart Lane. It wasn’t the best of views of a game which Everton dominated but Spurs won because they knew where the net was.

The following Saturday, I headed to Windsor Park, with the news just breaking that David Jeffrey was to leave the club at the end of the season.

It was events on the pitch that were to grab as many headlines as Linfield won 6-0

The following weekend, was David Jeffrey’s final visit to The Oval as Linfield manager. It was an awful game, but Linfield won, which was the main thing.

On the Monday after that game, I was at Windsor Park for the rearranged game between Linfield and Glenavon, which Linfield won 2-1.

Cliftonville v Linfield

Leyton Orient v Peterborough United

Leyton Orient v Peterborough United Photo Album

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton Photo Album

Linfield v Ballinamallard United

Glentoran v Linfield