The week after Independence Day, let’s start all American with a video that’s too good not to Cher, sorry, share, about the time Cher went for a walkabout.

Apologies for the poor sound quality (and not because it’s Cher)

And now, the sound of 1999, Roisin Murphy, who turned 41 this week.

Meanwhile, Ringo Starr, narrator of Thomas The Tank Engine, turned 74 his week. Not many people know he had a music career before that. His band was so good, Wet Wet Wet covered one of their songs.

Remember the theme to Ally McBeal? It was rather good.

Marc Almond turned 57 this week. It’s easy to forget he had a brilliant solo number 1. This is from the Christmas 1989 edition, broadcast the day Nicolae Ceaușescu was executed. It’s unknown if he had the chance to watch this before meeting his fate.

Jim Kerr from Simple Minds is still alive and kicking, turned 55 this week.

(Apologies for the sound quality on some of this video)

By 1995, TV Centre in Shepherd’s Bush wasn’t glamourous enough for Simple Minds any more.

Now, people think of Sky Sports when you think of Simple Minds being used in advertising. As a bonus, here’s from when Simple Minds had a brief period as computer salesmen.

And, as a further bonus, here’s Jim Kerr’s ex wife (Behave you lot, no jokes about the number of pop star husbands she’s had)

Meanwhile, Courtney Love hit the big 50 this week.

Jack White turned 39 this week.

And finally, Neil Tennent hits the big 60 this week. You may not know it, but he’s already appeared on this week’s round-up ……… having produced I’m Not Scared by Eighth Wonder.

However, it would be rude not to post videos of his day job.


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