Was Dublin bound last Friday, a stop-off before my final destination of Bray.

I usually visit Dublin once a year. It’s not a deliberate policy I have, I usually head down for an event. The event in question was a concert, Groove, taking place in Bray.

As Bray is only 40 minutes away by DART, I thought i’d go to Dublin, head to Bray, go to the concert, then spend another day in Dublin before getting my train back.

I got the train down to Dublin at 8am. As my check-in time at Bray wasn’t until 2pm, it gave me about 4 hours to explore Dublin.

Friday was spent just wandering around Dublin. Stumbled into an area called Smithfield, beside the Jameson Distillery where I managed to get some Street Art photos. For the rest of the morning, I was walking around the city centre, checking out independent stores, walking around Grafton Street and nearby areas.

So, I then headed to Bray on the DART, the station being a street away from my hotel. My arrival, was greeted by rain. Nice start.

I headed to my hotel at the seafront and checked in. It was very comfortable, in fact, too comfortable, as I sat in front of the TV watching the World Cup, I found it hard to get up.

Eventually, I did get up and out for a bite to eat, to head to the Carlisle Grounds to watch Bray Wanderers take on Drogheda United.

There were no games in Dublin on the Friday night, so this match won by default. Always good to visit new grounds.

Back to the hotel, and some more World Cup, before some sleep ahead of a busy day.

Saturday morning, the weather was better. In fact, the sun was shining. So, off I went to explore Bray.

It was a standard seaside town where the weather can dictate your viewpoint. Arriving in the rain wasn’t a good impression, but having a stroll in the sunshine on Saturday morning was nice.

Town centre had the usual shops you see in a town centre anywhere. If you are to visit Bray, a day should suffice.

The best thing to do, if the weather is nice, is to walk along the seafront on to Bray. Some spectacular views that are worth all that walking for.

After a bit of lunch, I headed back to the hotel room to get ready to head to Killruddery for the concert, headlined by James and Paloma Faith.

I got a shuttle bus from the DART station for the ten minute journey to the venue for the concert. It was a well run festival with plenty of activities to do while waiting for the acts to come on.

The concert was headlined by Paloma Faith and James. I was primarily there for James, but I also like Paloma Faith. It was a nice dry day and looking good, until just after 7pm then the heavens opened.

Having gambled and not taken a raincoat (it was roasting when I left the hotel), I was drenched. I was close to heading back to the hotel to watch the World Cup after James.

Thankfully, I stayed for Paloma Faith, and it was worth it.

After the gig, there were shuttle buses already stationed outside the venue, meaning getting back to the hotel was hassle free.

Holland and Costa Rica were considerate enough to go to extra-time and penalties, so I sat in my room watching that after the gig.

Sunday morning, my Bray adventure was over, I headed back to Dublin to spend some time in the city. Again, I went for a walk around the city, heading to Temple Bar (I didn’t get a chance to go there on the Friday)

I also took the opportunity to get some Street Art photos that I didn’t get on Friday. It was disappointing to see one of the walls which had some fantastic pieces on it last year, was now blank, and that some other pieces i’d seen last year were painted over slightly.

Like in Bray the day before, the weather fluctuated between sunshine and rain at regular intervals. Thankfully, for the last few hours of my visit, it was dry.

It was a good way to leave on. If the only complaint you have is the weather, it probably wasn’t that bad a trip.

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