“The first time we played here was a place called The Oh Yeah Centre. This is a bit bigger” said Bastille singer Dan Smith inbetween songs. Bit of an understatement that, but not a surprise, for one of the success stories of 2013.

Bastille, had already played bigger Belfast venues since that Oh Yeah Centre gig, playing a sold out gig at Ulster Hall in October 2013.

Their introduction to the stage caught a lot of people by surprise. As a playlist of upbeat current pop hits was played, then suddenly the theme tune to Twin Peaks came on, to which the band just walked on stage, taking some of the crowd by surprising.

Considering that Bastille have a song called Laura Palmer, it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise that the song was to signal the band’s entrance.

Upon entry to the stage, it was straight into “All This Bad Blood”

They might have been supporting The Killers, but it wasn’t a bad time for them to be onstage, just after 7pm, with the sun still shining.

With only one album to their name, most of the material came from that, hits such as “Laura Palmer” and “Things We Lost In The Fire”, but they did try out some new material.

Not afraid of a cover, they did their own version of “No Scrubs” by TLC.

The crowd managed to get a close-up glimpse of singer Dan Smith, as he jumped into the crowd. Not content with being in the pit area, he went into the rest of the crowd, just so that those with pass wristbands don’t get all of the glory.

By his own admission, he stated that he “Wasn’t a very good dancer”, trying to set up a dance move for the crowd to do. With mixed results.

They ended with their two biggest hits, “Of The Night” and “Pompeii”

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