It really is winter now, looks like you all need to be warmed up. I’ll try.

How about Tatu covering The Smiths?

Ace Of Base singing about Flowers

A certain Dandy Highwayman whose name i’m too scared to mention turned 60 this week.

Word up fool, it’s Puff Daddy

Men in their early 30s will be having flashback of a teenage crush.

Don’t you wish you had a photograph of Flock Of Seagulls?

(WARNING : Clip contains Dave Lee Travis)

The Groover Who Briefly Lived In Vancouver turned 55 this week.

Not even making this up, but Ryan Adams has the same birthday as Bryan Adams, but 15 years younger.

Does anyone remember Lisa Scott-Lee’s solo career?

And finally, we move from one member of a great band on a solo career to another, Glenn Frey, with the 2nd best solo single by a member of The Eagles in 1985.

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