May began for me with the Irish Cup Final. Unfortunately, Linfield weren’t involved, going as a neutral, in the Glenavon end, having picked up a ticket at Mourneview Park the week before.

That weekend, I was out getting some Street Art pictures, most notably, of Felix The Cat and a Phoenix.

With the football season over, it was cycling that filled the following weekend, as the Giro D’Italia rolled in to Belfast. I was there on Thursday (Team presentations), Friday (Time Trials) and Saturday (First Stage), getting a not bad position at the finish line.

I spent most of the Friday at Titanic Slipways to see the teams off. In retrospect, I probably would have been better out on the streets seeing the teams in motion. Win some, lose some. I guess.

That was it for May. I didn’t really do much else.

Ballymena United v Glenavon

Ballymena United v Glenavon Photo Album

Felix and Phoenix

Giro D’Italia

Giro D’Italia Photo Album

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