Christmas is almost upon us, so here’s some TOTP classics to warm you up.

Rick Buckler of The Jam isn’t far from 60 this week.

And Peter Buck of REM isn’t too far behind him.

And now, time for some Ace Of Base

Damien Rice turns 41 this week.

While Nicole Appleton hits the big 40 this week.

Jim Morrison would have been 71 this week. Not sure what he would have made of this.

Remember the bald guy that used to be in Duran Duran when all the Taylors left? It’s his birthday this week.(Although he had hair during this performance)

Oh Sinead, Text speak. why?

John Lennon died 34 years ago this week. I’m sure he’d have loved Candy Flip.

Donny Osmond. 57, looks 27

And going in a completely different direction, here’s some Placebo.

And finally, a tribute to Mozart, much love popular entertainer, who died this week in 1791.

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