The last time I saw Kasabian play live, they were supporting Oasis at Slane. They don’t supporting anybody these days, having earlier this year headlined Glastonbury, and not on the night they let a geriatric legend headline.

Two days after that Slane gig, they played a gig at St George’s Market. I didn’t go because I was seeing them them at Slane. Not going to lie, I really wish i’d gone.

For various reasons, i’d never seen them live in Belfast, so I was glad to see them have Belfast on their itinerary when they announced a UK tour for the winter.

This wasn’t their first gig in Northern Ireland this year, as they played The Nerve Centre in May, as part of a series of intimate gigs to try out new material ahead of a busy year of touring.

Back then, the songs from their current album, 48:13 (so named, because it lasts for 48 minutes and 13 seconds, funnily enough) were unknown and unheard. By now, we all knew them and had our favourites.

As roadies cleared The Maccabees equipment from the stage, a large LED Screen appeared, with a pink background and black text (similar to the 48:13 cover art) counting down from 30:00:00. It created more excitement than normal.

If anything, all concerts should have this.

As the clock reached 00:00:00, Serge Pizzorno appeared onstage, almost unnoticed, in a t-shirt saying “Ribs” and a pair of black skeleton jeans, playing an acoustic version of Bumblebee, before going into the full version.

Although there are four members of the group, Serge Pizzorno (Guitar) and Tom Mieghan (Vocals) are the focal point of the group, bouncing off each other throughout the gig.

Between songs, and sometimes during songs, Serge was dancing. A lot. He spent as much dancing dancing as he did playing guitar. No matter what he did, the crowd loved it.

Just over ten years since the release of their debut album, Kasabian now have enough material for a Greatest Hits album, which was where most of the setlist was drawn from – hits such as Shoot The Runner, Underdog, Days Are Forgotten, Club Foot, Fire, Empire (my favourite Kasabian song) and the headmelting lead single from 48:13, Eez-Eh, which gets better and better with each listen.

It wasn’t just their own songs they performed, managing to fit it a few covers such as People Are Strange, Word Up and Praise You.

For the Encore, they performed Stevie (backed by an orchestra dressed in Serge’s skeleton outfit from the Eez-Eh video), Vlad The Impaler and LSF.

They left to the crowd singing, “Easy ….. Easy”, they certainly made it easy.

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