Our last round-up before Christmas, and not many pop birthdays, but let’s press on anyway.

There’ll be a special Christmas Day edition of this blog is you fancy going online to escape from your family.

Of course, don’t forget, this year’s Christmas editions of Top Of The Pops will be on Christmas Day at 2pm, and New Year’s Eve at 4.15pm.

I’ll be using clips from those shows in 2024 when I rehash this blog for 60 Years Of Top Of The Pops.

Limahl turned 56 this week.

Sad Anniversary time …… Maurice and Robin Gibb would have been 65 this week.

Richey Edwards would have been 47 this week.

And now, some Motorhead to get you in the mood for Christmas.

But there are pop stars born on Christmas Days as well, such as Annie Lennox, born in a stable in Aberdeen.

And Robin Campbell of UB40, born in a stable in Birmingham

As well as Shane Magowan and Bob Stanley, who we’ll see tomorrow.

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