Two new pieces of Street Art have appeared in Belfast in recent weeks at opposite ends of the city, one in the East and one in the West.

In West Belfast, in one of the streets facing the Kennedy Centre, there is a mural of Leonard Nimoy, who died recently, in his famous guise as Spock from Star Trek, but in a Hip-Hop style.

In the East of the city, there is a resurrection of an old favourite, as the Teenage Dreams mural, painted as a tribute to John Peel, which was removed in 2013 to accommodate renovation work.

However, as reported on Newsline last night, the new work has no mention of John Peel. You may also notice it has a different colour scheme from the original.

Of course, if you’re in Belfast and want to see a tribute to John Peel. You can always find one in the Cathedral Quarter.


Orginal Teenage Kicks Mural (Pictured in 2007)

Revived Teenage Kicks Mural


  1. Great to see the JP mural back. They apparently decided to leave out his name because they thought our knowledgeable kiddies today wouldn’t know who he was or relate to him, I guess I totally get this given most of our (mobile phone staring) adolescent zombies wouldn’t know good music if it punched them in the face. Its a sad fact, but hardcore music appreciation is likely gone forever, no one really flies the flag of pushing new bands on the airwaves anymore. We’ve lived a decade (or more) with the scourge of autotune and in a time where “artists” like Rhianna are considered to be R&B (lmao) and that funny little man Willy-I-Am is believed to have something to contribute to black music you just gotta despair don’t you? Anyway, for those of us who know what the original mural was there for we can still pass by and look at it with a nostalgic smile. Few more Belfast murals here (no sectarian ones included)….. ;-). http://niviews.com/2014/11/17/belfast-graffiti-art/

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