I was over in Glasgow this week for the Scotland v Northern Ireland match. But the trip wasn’t all about football, as I took the opportunity to explore Glasgow’s Street Art.

I was in Glasgow in April 2013 and got a lot of pictures, so I knew Glasgow had a thing for Street Art. While there this week, I saw some of the Street Art I saw on my last visit, most notably the man hailing a taxi and the girl with the magnifying glass.

Helpfully, the tourist board provides a guide, complete with a map. There is a PDF on their website, but I got the pocket book version from the Tourist Office in the city centre.

It proved to be really handy, with the map clearly detailing where everything is. Glasgow is an easy city to navigate and once you learn street names and landmarks, you can use them as a handy reference point.

Finding the Street Art was easy, photographing it not so much. There usually happened to be something to frustrate me. Be it people standing in my road having a conversation, poor lighting at Cowcaddens Underpass, or cars parked blocking a good shot.

Despite that, it was very enjoyable checking out the art in Glasgow. I didn’t get a chance to check out pieces by the Quay. I was only in the city for 36 hours and didn’t have the time to get lost.

There was also a brilliant indoor mural of iconic music images at a record store under near Central Station called missing.

All bar one of the pieces I saw were in the book, I didn’t get to see anything else. I’m sure it exists, I just didn’t look hard enough.


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Glasgow Street Art April 2013

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