In the North-West of England earlier this week, I took the opportunity to visit Liverpool. As with any city I visit, I like to keep an eye out for Street Art, and Liverpool was no different.

It was my third time in Liverpool, visiting at a rate of every 4 to 5 years (2006, 2010 and now 2015)

The only thing I found on those visits was this Beatles inspired piece.

On the morning I arrived in Liverpool, I embarked on the Seecret Liverpool tour which focused on the hidden parts of the city worth visiting. It wasn’t a dedicated Street Art tour, but it took in some pieces, so naturally, I headed to get some snaps.

When the tour finished, I also managed to stumble onto some pieces, as well as returning to some things I noticed when doing the tour.

When having lunch, I had a sudden brainwave, remembering hearing about a mural of Dixie Dean near Goodison Park.

With time on my hands due to a late evening flight, I headed over but couldn’t find it. While there, I managed to find a shop face with a woman with rainbow coloured hair, and got some snaps, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Remember to check back in 2019 or 2020 for my next scheduled (by my current rate of visits) visit to Liverpool when i’ll probably have some new pieces.

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