343 days after it started, for me, the 2014-2015 is over, and the 2015-2016 season isn’t that far away. There was a lot of matches, memories and photographs.

We’ve already had a month by month round-up, and now it’s time to look back at my favourites, and you can vote for your favourite.


It’s not a perfect photo. I’d have loved it if the celebrating players were more in focus, but what I love about it is how it just sums up the emotion of a late winner in a game where you are underdogs.


Again, it’s all about emotion for me. So many people, their eyes fixed on one person – the man taking the penalty kick. Within seconds they would be celebrating as it was missed.


I just like the composition of this – the crowd with their eyes on the game with the ball in mid air. I don’t know what happened next, but I know it wasn’t a goal.


I went over to the match against Hull in November and had a hotel near the ground. This picture was taken early on a Saturday morning. It felt so strange being outside Old Trafford with it so quiet and peaceful. The people you can see are matchday staff getting ready for the day ahead.


Dragged out of bed on Christmas morning for the Steel and Sons Cup final, I like this photo for the reaction of those in the crowd, and the prominence of the fan in the orange/tangerine/amber santa hat.


During a weekend in Barcelona, I took in a 4th tier game between CE Europa and Masnau. I love how this photo sums up the agony of Europa players as they chased a goal with the score at 0-0. They eventually win 1-0.


I like the symbolism of this, covering the past, present and future of Windsor Park. Capturing the redevelopment of Windsor Park as it was on that date in March, the progress on the Railway Stand which will host future matches, taken from a stand that would soon be consigned to the past. We didn’t know it at the time though.


I like this because of the synchronicity of this with player and supporters all pulling the same pose.

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