The first glimpse that Belfast fans had of Paloma Faith was when she watched her support acts from the balcony of an apartment facing the stage at Custom House Square. No grand entrance, she just appeared unnoticed. It was very un Paloma like.

Of those support acts, Tom Prior was very good, similar to another Tom, Odell.

Faith is no ordinary pop star, her Roadies set up the stage wearing tuxedos.

Eventually, she appeared on stage, thirty minutes after the advertised time (Stereophonics did as well, so it must have been miscommunication by the organisers)

Thankfully for the crowd, it wasn’t raining, so the wait wasn’t that much of a problem for the crowd. They had been waiting two and a half years since her last headline show in Belfast, although she did perform as part of Cool FM’s Jingle Bell Ball.

She appeared, singing Take Me, dancing with her backing singers, before then going for a dance with her brass section. The chemistry she has with her band was clear for all to see.

Paloma Faith is now at the stage, three albums in, where she has had quite a lot of hits.,

Inbetween songs, Faith mentioned that she was currently working on her fourth album, before performing a cover of Purple Haze.

When introducing Purple Haze, she indicated that this will be the musical direction she will be taking. That should be something to look forward to.

Earlier that week, Faith was confirmed as a judge on The Voice, which she spoke about, stating that she will be a coach rather than a judge, and that her singers won’t be “getting involved in battle or any other war like analogy”

Joking that her albums were now available for 99p, Faith didn’t perform many of the singles from her debut album. It wasn’t that much of a surprise, she didn’t perform any of her early singles when I saw her in Bray last year.

Amongst the hits performed were Picking Up The Pieces and Stone Cold Sober, though not my own personal favourite, Thirty Minute Love Affair.

After a brief exit from the stage, she returned for an encore, performing Can’t Rely On You, Only Love Can Hurt Like This and Changes.

It turned out Belfast can rely on Paloma Faith for a good time. Now, about that fourth album …….

Photo Album

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