“It’s been a while since I was last in Belfast” screamed Marina Diamandis, AKA Marina and the Diamonds, midway through her set. Five years in fact. This was worth the wait.

This show was split into three “Acts”, representing the three stages of her career, having released her third album Froot this year.

Unsurprisingly, Act I visited her debut album The Family Jewels, released in 2010, the last time she did a gig in Belfast, at Mandela Hall.

Opening with Mowgli’s Road, I Am Not A Robot, Oh No!, before her biggest hit from that album Hollywood, with fans singing along throughout, with Marina leaving them to sing “Oh my god, you look just like Shakira, oh no, it’s Catherine Zeta, Actually, the name’s Marina”

Up next, naturally, was Act II, focusing on her second album Electra Heart, a concept album based on a character of the same name.

Between each act, there was a costume change, so the backing band treated us to an instrumental piece while the crowd waited for Marina to reappear.

Act II gave us hits such as How To Be A Heartbreaker and Primadonna.

Then of course, came Act III, her third album Froot, demonstrated by the fact she appeared on stage wearing a hairband spelling out the word Froot, performing the title track and a first performance anywhere of Gold, before finishing on one of the other main singles from Froot, Blue.

Support came from Wyvern Lingo. They come from Wicklow, like Hozier, but are a bit funkier. I only saw a bit of their set, but I liked what I saw.

One fan was totally lost in the show, she threw her bra at Marina on the stage. This is one diamond that certainly sparkled.

Photo Album

Marina and the Diamonds live at Mandela Hall 2010

Marina and the Diamonds live at Mandela Hall 2010 Photo Album


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