It’s a great time to be a fox, with Leicester City top of the Premier League, and their musical namesake Foxes having just released her second album All I Need, hoping to emulate her footballing namesakes by getting to number one.

It had only been fourteen months since her last Belfast concert, in December 2014 (also at The Limelight), so this was a relatively quick return to the city, but she was determined to make up for last time, launching straight into Body Talk, the lead single of her second album.

The last time she was in Belfast, she did a lot of gliding. No gliding this time, but a lot of jumping and dancing. To be fair, there were a lot of songs you can jump and dance to. This was the first night of a tour, so there’ll be a bit of dancing and jumping over the next few weeks.

It wasn’t all jumping and dancing, there were even some slower ballads. It didn’t really matter, she was comfortable in either role, effortlessly changing tempo between songs.

She’s had quite a few hits, and they were all on the setlist – Youth (which she said was one of the first songs she ever wrote), Holding On To Heaven, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, before signing off with Let Go For Tonight.

Photo Album

Foxes Live At The Limelight December 2014

Foxes Live At The Limelight December 2014 Photo Album

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