Belfast didn’t mess about when it came to paying tribute to Prince after his untimely death on Thursday, with a mural already appearing in the City Centre, featuring the symbol he changed his name to during the 1990s, surrounded by the colour purple, with which he was most associated.

If you want to see it in person, you can find it on Garfield Street, just off Royal Avenue, on the opposite side of Castle Court.

Garfield Street, and North Street which it leads on to, are real hotsbeds for Street Art, so you’ll see more than one piece of art when you come to visit it.

Of course, you won’t be far away from the David Bowie mural on Gresham Street.

The way 2016 is going, there won’t be much wall space in Belfast left for all the celebrities we’ve lost by the end of the year.

(PS : Yes, that is a bottle of Buckfast on the ground. Well, it is Belfast on a Saturday morning)

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3 thoughts on “BELFAST’S PURPLE RAIN

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