After working around the clock to get Windsor Park ready for the visit of Romania, the rebuilding continued throughout the summer of 2015. Linfield were able to play both their 2015-2016 UEFA Cup ties at Windsor Park, albeit with some disruption during July 2015, with supporters entering the ground via Olympia Avenue rather than by Donegall Avenue.

The entrance from Donegall Avenue was totally sealed off. Club offices were now located near Midgely Park.

June 2015 – Stairway access to Windsor Park now put in place.

June 2015 – Windsor Park now looking very colourful.

June 2015 – Windows now added to Railway Stand.

June 2015 – Windows now added to Railway Stand/South Stand junction.

July 2015 – View as you enter North Stand section A.

July 2015 – Railway Stand and South Stand, as seen from North Stand.

July 2015 – South Stand.

July 2015 – The Kop

July 2015 – Red seats in bottom deck of North Stand being replaced by Green, White and Blue seats.

July 2015 – Progress being made on the Railway Stand.

July 2015 – Railway Stand, now scaffolding free.

July 2015 – New seats in upper deck of North Stand.

July 2015 – Still some seats to be added.

July 2015 – North Stand seats.

July 2015 – The Kop.

July 2015 – Entrance at Donegall Avenue

July 2015 – Junction of Railway Stand and South Stand.

July 2015 – Repair work being done on the bridge as you walk from Lisburn Road to Windsor Park.

The opening home league match of the 2015-2016 season saw Linfield supporters enter via Olympia Avenue, while away fans were in the bottom tier of the North Stand.

August 2015 – Seats being added to top tier of South Stand.

August 2015 – The Kop

August 2015 – Quadrant between North Stand and Railway Stand being built.

August 2015 – More seats being added to the South Stand.

August 2015 – Work on footbridge leading to Windsor Park taking place.

August 2015 – Exterior of Railway Stand.

September 2015 – Windsor Park, ready to host Northern Ireland v Hungary.

September 2015 – Exterior of Railway Stand

September 2015 – Railway Stand

September 2015 – Footbridge to Windsor Park from Lisburn Road. Mural of Northern Ireland legends now removed.


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