Before it was fully built, the new incarnation of Windsor Park had already had it’s first memorable night, as September 2015 saw Northern Ireland take on Hungary knowing that a win sound send them to Euro 2016.

Northern Ireland didn’t get the win they wanted, but a dramatic late draw kept their destiny in their own hands, and sent the fans home happy.

The new Railway Stand had it’s first international goal in that game. Richard Guzmics is the name to remember for future pub quizzes.

September 2015 – Supporters entering the Railway Stand ahead of Northern Ireland v Hungary

September 2015 – Railway Stand

September 2015 – North Stand, in all it’s multicoloured glory

September 2015 – South Stand, as seen from Railway Stand

September 2015 – Junction of North Stand and Railway Stand

September 2015 – Public Access to Windsor Park

September 2015 – Work on the footpaths on the exterior of the stadium.

September 2015 – Work being done on the North Stand.

September 2015 – More seats added to South Stand.

By late September, work had progressed to the point that 1,500 extra tickets for the Northern Ireland v Greece match in early October.

September 2015 – Progress being made on junction of South Stand and Kop.

Progress was also being made in terms of staffing, as the position of Assistant to the Stadium Director was advertised in early October 2015.

October 2015 – Wall being built and junction of Railway Stand and North Stand

October 2015 – Wall being built between North Stand and Railway Stand.

Assistant to the Stadium Director wasn’t the only job at Windsor Park being advertised in early October 2015, as Warren Feeney resigned as Linfield manager to join Newport County in some earth shattering news.

Thankfully for the progress of the redevelopment, it was only metaphorically earth shattering.


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