The progress of the redevelopment allowed 11,700 Northern Ireland fans to attend the Euro 2016 Qualifier against Greece in early October 2015, more than had been able to attend any of the previous four Qualifiers.

They witnessed a historic night as a 3-1 win sent Northern Ireland to France for Euro 2016.

The South Stand was open along it’s Lower Tier, although there was still a lot of work to be done on it.

The junction of North Stand and Railway Stand had seen significant progress, with the structure now coming into place, but had yet to be used.

October 2015 – Junction of South Stand and The Kop.

October 2015 – South Stand

October 2015 – North Stand and Railway Stand, as seen from the South Stand.

October 2015 – Still some work to be done on the South Stand.

October 2015 – Junction of North Stand and Railway Stand.

The nation partied, but the builders just went back to work. Two days later, Linfield faced Glentoran in an Irish League clash, with Glentoran fans in the Railway Stand, entering via Boucher Road. It was the first time the stand had been used in a domestic game.

The dugouts on the South Stand side of the ground were also used in a domestic game for the first time that day.

October 2015 – Glentoran fans in the Railway Stand. Linfield and Glentoran players discussing the weather.

October 2015 – Progress on a wall between Railway Stand and North Stand entrances.

October 2015 – Gates now added to the entrance at Donegall Avenue.

The photograph of the gates outside Windsor Park was taken on Sunday 11th October 2015. You may notice flowers left on those gates. They were placed in memory of a Linfield supporter who took ill and died at a match against Glentoran the previous day.

There were soon rumours that Tayto are lining up a deal for naming rights to the stadium, but this was denied the next day.

David Healy had plenty of glory nights at the previous incarnation of Windsor Park as a Northern Ireland player, and he was hoping for more as a manager, as he was appointed manager of Linfield in October 2015.

October 2015 – Progress on the North Stand and Railway Stand entrances.

Problems with access from Boucher Road for Cliftonville fans meant that Linfield fans would get to use the new Railway Stand in a domestic game for the first time, in a County Antrim Shield game against Cliftonville.

October 2015 – South Stand and Railway Stand entrances

October 2015 – Windsor Park, as seen from Midgley Park.

October 2015 – The Kop

October 2015 – Seats and roof added to North Stand/Railway Stand quadrant.


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