May 2016 began with two cup finals at Windsor Park, first of all, the Intermediate Cup Final between Ards and Institute on Bank Holiday Monday.

Sandwiched inbetween was the first Linfield AGM at the newly renovated stadium, in one of the lounges in the South Stand.

The second of those finals was the 2016 Irish Cup Final between Linfield and Glenavon, attended by 11,500 people, the biggest attendance at an Irish Cup Final since 2006, which was won 2-0 by Glenavon.

It was a match that marked the retirement of Jackie Fullerton.

May 2016 – The Kop.

May 2016 – The Kop.

May 2016 – Concourse added to North Stand.

May 2016 – Signage for Linfield Superstore outside Railway Stand.

May 2016 – The Kop.

May 2016 – The Kop

May 2016 – Former away supporters entrance at Boucher Road.

After the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly Election, the number of government departments was reduced from twelve to nine. The department in charge of the Windsor Park Redevelopment, DCAL, will now form part of a new department, called Department for Communities.

On 25th May 2016, the Minister for this department was confirmed, Paul Frew, a DUP MLA for Lagan Valley.

Two days after his appointment, he was there in person to check it out, attending the Northern Ireland v Belarus friendly. By this point. the terracing in The Kop was completed, and a scoreboard was placed at the junction of The Kop and North Stand. This scoreboard would only be used for this match

At the other end of the North Stand, the junction of North Stand and Railway Stand was used for the first time in that match.

May 2016 – The Kop

May 2016 – The Kop

May 2016 – Signage in South Stand is now numbered entrances rather than lettered entrances.

May 2016 – The Kop

May 2016 – The Kop

May 2016 – The Kop


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