With so many fans unable to get into Solitude, it was announced that if Linfield were to be successful in their pursuit of the Gibson Cup, a celebratory event would be held at Windsor Park at Saturday teamtime for fans the congratulate the team.

As soon as disembarking the bus outside Ballysillan Leisure Centre, it was straight in the car to Windsor Park. I wasn’t the only one.

For those who weren’t able to get a ticket for Solitude, it was their chance to party.

For those who were at Solitude, it was an extension of the party.

In short, we were all there to party.

The Railway Stand was used for this event, and it was full. Players were introduced to the field in numberical order (Apart from Jamie Mulgrew, who came out last with the trophy) which meant that Number 38 Paul Smyth was made to feel like a Zimbabwean athlete at the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Talking of which, he could be in with a shot of a Gymnastics medal in Rio to go with his Irish League medal judging by the double somersault as he entered the pitch.

Fans got the see the team and the trophy, and got a few words from David Healy, while kids were able to pose for photos with their favourite players, and some adult did as well. Everybody who was there got something from the day.

After five years, i’d almost forgotten what title celebrations felt like. They feel good. Hopefully, same again next year.

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