National Enquirer are obsessed with Cher, more specifically, with Cher dying.

As in, Cher actually dying, and not people mistakingly thinking she was dead, when it was Thatcher and not that Cher who was dead.

So, let’s look back at all the times in 2017 that National Enquirer said that Cher was dying.

January – Broke, dying and accused of $5m swindle

February – Says her goodbyes after a killer virus.

March – Brought back from the dead. Just like that guy, you know, Dirty Den from Eastenders.

May – Live saving liver transplant.

June – Relapses after Gregg Allman dies.

October – Deathbed confession that she lost five babies.

October – Dying and desperate for quick cash.

November – Sick, frail, loveless, flat broke and wanting to die.

At time of going to publish, Cher is still alive, and was slagging off Donald Trump on Twitter eleven hours ago.

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