We recently had Bankmore Square Street Art, so naturally, that would be followed by Bank Square Street Art.

Boarding at the site of building work for a new Boutique Hotel at Bank Square has provided an opportunity for some new Street Art.

This was done live in conjunction with Seedhead Arts Festival Of Fools. Unfortunately, I missed it being done live, which was a pity.

The two pieces were done by Friz and Kev Largey.

The piece by Kev Largey is of a performer called Frankie Magilligan.

I headed down on Tuesday lunchtime to get some photos. Then, after seeing the weather get better by Tuesday teatime, I decided to go out and get some more.

Another Street Art observation I have noticed is a sad one, that the mural of George Michael and Prince in Botanic has been defaced.

Belfast doesn’t really help itself.

Photo Album


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