It has now become a mid September tradition for the walls of Belfast to be given a dash of paint, as Hit The North, running alongside Culture Night, sees artists from around the world visit Belfast to paint the city’s walls.

One of those countries represented was Colombia, returning the favour after artists from Belfast recently visited Colombia to take part in a Street Art Festival.

Even though the festival is advertised as taking place on Thursday and Friday, past experience has seen pieces appear earlier than that, due to the time it takes to paint it.

So it proved, as a piece started to appear in the Car Park at Smithfield, where there was a Two Ronnies mural in 2017, so I headed to get some work in progress photos.

Thursday came, so I was out getting photos on my lunch break, and then again after work.

As I had booked a half day on the Friday for Culture Night, I made the most of my early departure from work to check out the progress so far, and then again on my arrival at Culture Night at teatime.

As is tradition, I was out on my bike on the Sunday morning to get photos of the finished pieces, starting in North Street, heading to Donegall Street and the side of the Telegraph Building. Much to my frustration, there were parked cars meaning I had to shoot from some odd angles.

Worth checking out, across the road, is Buoy Park, just outside the University Of Ulster.

I also checked out pieces at Kent Street, Sunflower Pub and Winetavern Street.

I wanted to get photos of a mural in Commercial Court, but there were binbags dumped in front of it. I’ll try again later.

I also spotted some graffiti in Bank Square so took a photo. It wasn’t part of Hit The North, but it would have been rude not to get a photo.

Also not part of Hit The North but worth checking out is that some of the yellow dots designed to guide people around Belfast due to part of Royal Avenue still being closed due to the fire at Primark have been defaced to look like Pacman.

It’s good to see that some pieces from previous years are still intact, giving Belfast a wide range of art from Hit The North from throughout the years.

Wonder what will be on the city’s walls in 2019?

Work In Progress Photo Album

North Street Art Photo Album

North Street Art 2017

North Street Art 2016

North Street Art 2015

North Street Art 2014

North Street Art 2013

North Street Art 2012


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