I was in Manchester recently, primarily for football, but it would have been rude not to get some Street art photos.

A veteran of Manchester, I knew where to go in terms of finding Street Art.

As soon as I arrived in the City Centre, it was straight to the Northern Quarter, most notably Tibb Street and Stevenson Square.

On Tibb Street, there was a mural of Tony Wilson, which I hadn’t got photos of, so I was glad to see it in person.

It wasn’t the first Tony Wilson related Street Art I have photographed, after capturing a tribute to him which appeared in Belfast after he died in 2007.

The weather when I arrived on Tuesday was wet and dull, so apologies for the picture quality.

It was so wet, I headed to my hotel near Old Trafford and wrote off the rest of Tuesday.

I then used the Wednesday morning to get some more Street Art photos in the City Centre.

Again, the weather was dull, but it wasn’t wet.

I spotted a new piece near Picadilly Station called The Doodle On Ducie Street, on Ducie Street, a collaborative project with Manchester’s homeless community.

That was spotted as I headed towards Ancoats. While heading from Ancoats to Arndale, I spotted a work in progress on Salmon Street of The 1975.

I’ll be back at the end of January for the Burnley match, so i’ll be making sure I get a photo of it.

I’m heading over from Tuesday to Thursday. If the match is a Tuesday, i’ll have Wednesday free, so I might take a day trip somewhere.

York? Sheffield? Liverpool maybe?

If I do go somewhere, i’ll have my camera with me in case I see Street Art.

Photo Album

Manchester Street Art May 2018

Manchester Street Art December 2017

Manchester Street Art May 2017

Manchester Street Art February 2017

Manchester Street Art November 2016#

Manchester Street Art May 2016

Manchester Street Art January 2016

Manchester Street Art November 2015

Manchester Street Art May 2015

Manchester Street Art November 2014


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