I headed to Manchester to see United take on Burnley and, as is now tradition when I visit Manchester, I travel accompanied with my camera in search of Street Art.

One of the first places I head to is the Northern Quarter and Stevenson Square. This time, I knew I would be hitting the jackpot, as the weekend before, local journalist Sarah Walters posted on Twitter that there was new works in progress at Stevenson Square.

One of the pieces by Nomad Clan in the Northern Quarter has some work being done on the building, so i’m not sure what the future of that piece is.

There was a pub near Picadilly Train Station which has a “And on the sixth day …..” mural om a wall at the side, but the area was blocked off making it hard to get a decent photo.

When I was last in Manchester in November, there was a work in progress of a mural of The 1975. Turns out it was an advertising mural for their new album, which is a bit rubbish.

It has now been replaced by another advertising mural, this time for a bank. I didn’t even bother to get a photo of it.

Most of the photos were take on the Tuesday, but I headed out on the Thursday to do a mop-up and get some better photos of the ones I had already taken due to having daylight to work with.

While I was in the city, I picked up a local guide/magazine (which is free) called Manchester’s Finest, and when I read through it, there was an article about Street Art in the city, so keep an eye out for that if you are visiting.

Photo Album

Manchester Street Art November 2018

Manchester Street Art May 2018

Manchester Street Art December 2017

Manchester Street Art May 2017

Manchester Street Art February 2017

Manchester Street Art November 2016

Manchester Street Art May 2016

Manchester Street Art January 2016

Manchester Street Art November 2015

Manchester Street Art May 2015

Manchester Street Art November 2014


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